Friday, July 13, 2018

Now that our patio is complete with the exception of the door which I'm currently on the hunt for, we are now turning our attention to the front yard. So heres the 311... Back in March our front yard was completely destroyed by sand from a new housing development. In the desert during Spring we get horrible winds that pretty much destroy shit. Long story short the earth moving company finally got their shit together and gutted out the destruction and replaced our front yard with new gravel. It's not
our first choice, but hey it was free. 

Our yard is pretty bare at this point. We also had to cut down the large and only tree that resided in the front. Unfortunately, the tree wasn't doing well and we came to the decision of removing it. We have plans to add new trees and plants. I really want to add some climbing roses so they can grow on the adjoining wall, and engulf that portion of our house. I would also like to get a new front door, and some new lighting to accentuate and illuminate the front entrance.

I decided to add two artificial boxwood spiral trees at the front entrance of our home. We had such an excellent experience with the faux boxwood in the patio, I thought the spiral tree would look great and last in the front. Our yard gets beat by the harsh sun all day, which makes it difficult to keep some plants alive. I wanted to add some stylish planters so I found these at Target online. The planters got here fast, but one arrived broken. I ordered a replacement and couldn't wait for it to get here, but for some reason the UPS guy never showed up and my tracking confirmed that I refused the package and it was sent back.

Let me tell you something, we don't EVER refuse packages around here. I'm not sure what happened, but now the planter in the large size is sold out. I got back online and ordered these from CB2.

I found a couple more from CB2 that I really love, and a couple of other ones from Crate & Barrel and West Elm. I kind of want to order them all, but I'm taking my time to figure out the front yard situation. I think we may wait till Fall comes around before planting as it's been pretty hot here.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 

Enjoy the weekend! 



Friday, June 15, 2018

The patio is looking a lot better these days! I can not express how happy it makes me, with the exception of the wrought iron door. I'm still on the hunt for a new one, and it may take some time before I decide on exactly what I want out here. With that being said, I wanted to share a few photos of the finished space. 

Heres a quick before, yes I hope you don't have nightmares after seeing this. 

 The after.

This space feels completely different. Kael and I love coming out here in the morning to sip coffee and enjoy the sounds of Jurassic Park in our backyard. I kid you not there's so many birds, lizards, wasps and other shit flying around. Other than that we love hanging back here! We also look forward to Fall so we can enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the afternoons/evenings. It's pretty hot out here in the desert at this time of year. 

So heres the break down of everything we did out here:

Repainted the floor white with Sherwin-Williams Porch and Floor Enamel Satin.
Painted the ceiling black using Sherwin-Williams Exterior SuperPaint Satin Latex Paint.
We used Faux Boxwood  panels to cover the stucco.
I already owned the coffee table, mirror, bar cart and chandelier. We added the medallion, painted it black.  
We bought the patio furniture and rug in early Spring from Target .
The outdoor pillows I found online at Stein Mart.

Once I decide on a new door for this space it should all come together nicely and I won't ever have to redo this space again. 

We are now focusing on the front yard. It was looking hideous, which totally wasn't our fault and there's a long story behind it. I'll share more on that later. 

Happy Friday! 



Friday, May 18, 2018

Now that the weather is warming up, most people like myself look forward to getting outside and working on our yards. The one thing I absolutely love about our home is our backyard. When we first saw it in person it was everything I ever wanted. Abundant trees, lush flowering plants, and open space for our growing family. 

The patio has gone through some changes over the years.  Earlier this Spring Kael and I purchased new furniture from Target. They were having an amazing sale, making it too good to pass up on. Once we received the furniture I could vision exactly how I was going to pull it all together.  


The ceiling is an off white kind of color, and it has some nice brown water spots. I decided it needed a fresh coat of paint, but in black. We used Sherwin-Williams Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex Flat Black Paint.


This is a major and ugly issue for me. Above our patio is our balcony off the master bedroom. I can't tell you how many times my husband has power washed the stucco. It's clean for like a minute and then it looks like we have never attempted to clean this wall ever in our life. I thought of using faux boxwood panels to cover the ugly stucco. It would also give a lush and calming view. 


The floor really needed a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. I also purchased a really beautiful outdoor rug that I'm dying to put out! 


We decided to ditch the fan and add the chandelier that previously resided in our dining room to this area.

Now that I've shared a few plans, here's some disturbing before photos and my mood board for the fresh new look. 

Lastly, there are a few items that I'm using which I'm so glad I didn't end up selling on Craigslist. It's always nice to use furniture or items you already have instead of searching and spending more money on pieces.

Kael painted the ceiling last weekend and it already feels like a different space. I can't wait to share it all! 



Friday, May 4, 2018

Mother's Day is upon us yet again! I put together a gift guide if any of you are still on the hunt. I also like to put these gift guides together so my husband can pick from my own personal wishlist. He forgets a lot of things I tell him.

I've coveted this beautiful Celestial Bowl for quite some time. Every detail is gorgeous, and I love how edgy it is! It makes a beautiful decor piece. 

I love candles, and I think they make a perfect gift for any occasion. If you're not familiar with Commodity they carry a full range of fragrance, candles, and soaps. I can honestly say there isn't a scent that I dislike. 

Perfume is also one of those gifts that any woman would love to receive. Gucci Bloom is one of my favorites right now! I'm loving how stunning the bottle is. 

I'm always on the hunt for workout shoes.  I found these cute Nike's the other day. I love the paint splatter  detail on the bottom of the shoe. 

I can not recall where I first saw Nina Berenato Jewelry, but it is absolutely stunning! It's bold, edgy, and makes a statement. I so want to own this ear cuff

I own the Vitruvi diffuser, and have several oils. I absolutely LOVE them! Not only is it a beautiful way to diffuse oils, but it's all natural and there are so many uses for them.

This last item I think any wine drinker should definitely own. The Vinglace stainless steel wine cooler is made to keep your wine, champagne, and sparkling water at a cool temperature. It's made by YETI. If your  familiar with yeti, you know that shit is going to be cold! We have a yeti cooler and a couple of tumblers and they are the best at keeping the temperature hot and cold. 

The weekend is here and we are continuing on with our work on the patio, and a few DIY projects indoors. I'm also looking forward to watching SweetBitter  on Starz! I really enjoyed the book, I'm hoping the series will be just as good! 



Friday, April 27, 2018

I know it's been quite some time since my last post. Life has been crazy busy around the Chambers' Home lately. I'm working on something exciting, and I will share soon. With that being said, it's a little stressful at the moment. 

So I thought to share some plans, and other projects that we recently checked off our lists. We finally got around to painting our banister black. We also resorted to clean, crisp, white walls. It all feels like a different space and we love it! 

We purchased new patio furniture, and are now ready to tackle that whole area. It  definitely needs some TLC. I got some really cool ideas for this space and can't wait to share it all once it's done! 

We hung a new light in the dining room! Yes I'm bat shit crazy and have changed out this fixture like a million times, however I maintain my excuses are valid. First of all, I wasn't really feeling the chandelier we had in here before. Secondly, I decided to move the existing one to the patio. So in the end, it really all worked out and the old chandelier will look a lot better outside. 

It took me some time to find exactly what I was looking for. When I came across this chandelier, I immediately thought Kelly Wearstler, but without the hefty price tag. This was my first time ordering from Hayneedle, and I was super impressed at the quality of the gorgeous chandelier.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend! 



Friday, March 9, 2018

One of my favorite seasons is upon us! Not only is spring on the horizon, but I just adore Easter! It brings me so much joy to put together baskets for my kids, and hearing them wake up Easter morning  to the goodies next to their bed its priceless. I especially love that Jax gets really excited.  He announces to everyone that the Easter bunny visited our house, leaving treats and gifts in his/her annual fashion.  

I ordered the rose gold baskets from Amazon. I've said it once and I'll say it again... these baskets are great for holiday use, and you can recommission them for other things around the house.  

Whenever I begin putting together my boys baskets, I always try to include things I know they will actually use, like clothing (although Jax has the viewpoint that clothing is optional). I love this tee shirt for Jax, and this one for Santi. 

While last year we gave them swim items, this year I decided to get them a pair of PJ'S. My boys can never have enough PJ'S. I like to get them matching pairs, but for some reason Santi thinks that's odd. 

I also like to include a book for each of them. Jax enjoys books with this sort of theme, and Santiago gets a kick out of these books. We also include a hat for each one.  Typically, my boys would rather wear a hat than comb their hair.

We are a family that takes great delight in Lush Cosmetics! My boys enjoy taking baths and with bubbles galore! I also adore the fact that Lush puts out festive bath bombs. I love this one, and definitely this one

And for the final touches we add candy to the mix and top it off with a small toy, some chalk, and a plush character  of some sort. 

I can't wait to get the baskets filled and rejoice in our boys reactions!

Happy shopping! 

Painted Dresser

Monday, February 5, 2018

I've come to the conclusion that my favorite weekend project is painting a piece of furniture. With that being said we recently bought Jax a new dresser for his room. We wanted to go with something that was smaller than the armoire that was currently in there.  

 I bought the dresser pictured above from All Modern and decided to paint it in the color Deep Space from Benjamin Moore with an Eg-Shel Finish. To be quite honest, I had no idea what I was going to do with the pulls. I'm not big on silver, so I thought for now maybe I'll give them a fun pop of color. I decided to use this neon spray paint .

Once I put the handles back on I absolutely loved how it all came together! The neon pop was perfect and I think it fits well in Jax' room. 

Super easy and a great outcome! I also have to say if you're eyeing a piece of furniture but you're not down for the color, just paint it! Sometimes when I read ratings on furniture and people are complaining about the color wasn't dark enough or they thought it was lighter I'm like dude, just slap some paint on that shit! 

I'm also working on a fun DIY on Jax' ceiling. Will share it all soon.