Friday, March 9, 2018

One of my favorite seasons is upon us! Not only is spring on the horizon, but I just adore Easter! It brings me so much joy to put together baskets for my kids, and hearing them wake up Easter morning  to the goodies next to their bed its priceless. I especially love that Jax gets really excited.  He announces to everyone that the Easter bunny visited our house, leaving treats and gifts in his/her annual fashion.  

I ordered the rose gold baskets from Amazon. I've said it once and I'll say it again... these baskets are great for holiday use, and you can recommission them for other things around the house.  

Whenever I begin putting together my boys baskets, I always try to include things I know they will actually use, like clothing (although Jax has the viewpoint that clothing is optional). I love this tee shirt for Jax, and this one for Santi. 

While last year we gave them swim items, this year I decided to get them a pair of PJ'S. My boys can never have enough PJ'S. I like to get them matching pairs, but for some reason Santi thinks that's odd. 

I also like to include a book for each of them. Jax enjoys books with this sort of theme, and Santiago gets a kick out of these books. We also include a hat for each one.  Typically, my boys would rather wear a hat than comb their hair.

We are a family that takes great delight in Lush Cosmetics! My boys enjoy taking baths and with bubbles galore! I also adore the fact that Lush puts out festive bath bombs. I love this one, and definitely this one

And for the final touches we add candy to the mix and top it off with a small toy, some chalk, and a plush character  of some sort. 

I can't wait to get the baskets filled and rejoice in our boys reactions!

Happy shopping! 

Painted Dresser

Monday, February 5, 2018

I've come to the conclusion that my favorite weekend project is painting a piece of furniture. With that being said we recently bought Jax a new dresser for his room. We wanted to go with something that was smaller than the armoire that was currently in there.  

 I bought the dresser pictured above from All Modern and decided to paint it in the color Deep Space from Benjamin Moore with an Eg-Shel Finish. To be quite honest, I had no idea what I was going to do with the pulls. I'm not big on silver, so I thought for now maybe I'll give them a fun pop of color. I decided to use this neon spray paint .

Once I put the handles back on I absolutely loved how it all came together! The neon pop was perfect and I think it fits well in Jax' room. 

Super easy and a great outcome! I also have to say if you're eyeing a piece of furniture but you're not down for the color, just paint it! Sometimes when I read ratings on furniture and people are complaining about the color wasn't dark enough or they thought it was lighter I'm like dude, just slap some paint on that shit! 

I'm also working on a fun DIY on Jax' ceiling. Will share it all soon.



Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello January! It's a new year and it's time to get my shit together and tackle all the unfinished and new projects around our home. I'm anxiously awaiting on our new couch for the family room from Interior Define.  I'm hoping to finish up all the details in that area once it arrives. 

Back in August I inherited two pieces of furniture from my grandmother. She moved out of her home that she lived in for the past fifty six years. She had tons of stuff, and my grandmother has exquisite taste in antiques. I was very excited when she offered me a curio cabinet and a desk that belonged to my grandfather. 

The desk is going in Santiagos' room. He voiced to his great grandma that he really wanted it, and I'm so happy that he will have this piece, hopefully forever. 

I've been contemplating on the paint color for the two pieces. I love antiques, but as you know I'm not  a traditional antique kind of gal. I begin looking through my Pinterest boards, and I remembered how much I loved and wanted to incorporate a piece like this in my home. 

This may look crazy to some people, but I love it and I can't wait to get started! I'm not sure on the words I want to display, but I've been searching for something meaningful. 

The cabinet will reside in our family room. It's been like "ring around the rosey" here with the furniture lately. I honestly didn't have the room for the cabinet, but I've always loved it and I'm honored to have it in my home.  

I will share the before and after photos once I get started. The two pieces are currently being housed in the garage and its a hot mess in there! 

Have a great week!  


Friday, December 29, 2017

I can't believe another year is coming to an end. Our Christmas decor is still going strong, but Im ready to take it down and get everything back to normal. My Mother in Law and Father in Law will be arriving today, so we get to celebrate Christmas one last time. 

Our Christmas this year was great, but went so quickly! We had a great time lounging around watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Elf, and of course Home Alone. All on repeat, and maybe one more than the others. We had lots to eat, and enjoyed our family visits.

Well now that New Years Eve is upon on us, were looking forward to our family tradition. The hubs and I don't go out. We stay at home with our boys and have our own celebration. Kael usually whips up a spread which consists of, turkey croissant sandwiches, charcuterie, jalapeƱo poppers, and a lot more fattening goods we stuff our faces with. And of course the beer for Kael and the bubbly for moi. 

Once we are done stuffing ourselves, we work off those calories with our dance party. This normally wears us all out and we are in bed well before midnight. I truly love this tradition and our boys enjoy it as well!

There's just something about New Years Eve that makes me love sequins and disco balls even more! Although we're not out and about, it doesn't stop me from dressing up or buying a new sparkly number to add to my collection. I found this jumpsuit from Target, and there was definitely a lot to choose from. I figured the jumpsuit would be fun and its super comfy! 

I'm also thinking of rocking my favorite pair of pjs and heels if I get too full from stuffing my face. They can still be glamorous with the right pair of heels and jewelry. 

I wish you all peace and love for the new year! 


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hello, and welcome to my holiday home tour hosted by Saher from House Haus Home. I'm so excited Saher asked me to participate in this tour! So let's get things started in our front living area. 

For the past couple of years, I've hung garland around my mirror at the entry. Recently, I purchased a new mirror, which is not a normal shape. I decided this year I'd hang it around the door and add a faux lit wreath on the door. I usually buy a few boxwood wreaths from Trader Joe's, but I guess there was a shortage this year, or people started decorating in October, or both.


We bought a new tree this year and we set it up in a total different area in our living room. I wasn't sure I could pull off the tree in the middle of the room with two crazy boys, but it's a perfect size and I love where it resides between the living and dining area. 

This was my first time setting up a flocked tree. Let me tell you it was a flocking mess, but so worth it! I love that fact that you really don't need to add too many ornaments. This tree is beautiful on its own. I also love the fact that I can enjoy this tree from different angles. I've never had that privilege before. 

Our family room is the main room we hang out in. A smaller tree resides in here because this room is a lot smaller and cozier. I bought this garland from cb2 with the intentions of placing it somewhere else, however it ended up looking great on the mantle. I also decided to hang our stockings this year. I found the cutest marquee initial lights from Macy's for each stocking. 

As I was hanging our stockings with the initial lights, I couldn't help but sing Wu Tang's C.R.E.A.M. Yes it doesn't exactly spell cash, but for some reason I couldn't help saying in my deep voice "Cash rules everything around me" until Jax started chanting it. 

I hope you enjoyed our simple Christmas tour around our home. Make sure to check out Saher beautiful home tour tomorrow, and the rest of the ladies who participated. 


Friday, November 17, 2017

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! It's crazy how fast time flies right by. I've had a sudden urge to decorate for Christmas, and I'm normally not the type to decorate in November. I'm thinking it might be the fact that I ordered a new tree and got a sweet deal! I found this one online at MichaelsI've wanted a flocked tree for so long, but my grandma gave me a tree several years ago and it was sentimental to put this tree up every year. I don't plan on getting rid of the tree, I may save it for one of my kids when they move out on their own. 

My daughter got a job at Homegoods, therefore I've been stalking her and frequenting the store a little more than usual. They have a shit ton of Christmas decorations. I found these ornaments as I was looking through each box set. I grabbed two boxes and demanded my daughter to go look in the back for more. Unfortunately, this was all they had. I figured these would work well with the small rose gold Christmas tree I got at Target last year. 

Now that the holidays are upon us, I love to shop a around for a dress or some sort of new outfit for the festivities that will take place. I plan on wearing this one I ordered from Zara for Thanksgiving dinner.  I like this one as well for those glam holiday parties. I also ordered a new dress for our family portraits that we are having done. I'm so excited to FINALLY get these going! However, my boys have been giving me dirty looks when I bring it up. 

We usually spend Thanksgiving with my family that is in town. We started a tradition with my moms side of the family, where we celebrate the day before. On Thanksgiving day Kael fries up a turkey, I make my green chile mashed potatoes, and we hang out watch a movie we've seen at least a dozen times and relax. 

This weekend I plan on torturing my husband to hang some new wallpaper from Drop it Modern in our dining room. I also ordered a new table and it should be arriving next week. I'm contemplating on hosting a small gathering for Christmas, we have never hosted one before and I think it would be fun!   

Happy Friday! 


Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween Eve! Today I'm sharing our Halloween decor around our home. We kept it simple and chic indoors. We added lots of lights, pumpkins, and bails of straw outdoors.  I don't think it's scary, so we are hopeful no kids will want to skip our house this year. Unless they see Santiago, hiding by the front door. 

Tomorrow will consist of trick or treating, making pit stops at our grandmothers, and parents house.  A crap load of candy, and we are going to try to squeeze in an episode of Stranger Things. That show is like crack! 

I wish you all a fabulous Halloween!