Slowly But Surely

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Looking at Pinterest can sometimes be very dangerous. I often find myself with numerous ideas dancing around in my head. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted this picture that I am head over heels in love with! After thinking about it, I decided that I would use this as my inspiration for my entry. My front living area drives me crazy! My ceilings are so high making it difficult to paint the walls a beautiful, crisp white.

I'm a total sucker for stripes! So of course this image caught my eye. Hopefully once Halloween passes I can get started with my project. Another image that I love and can not wait to get started with is my son's room. It took a lot of convincing but my son finally gave in. His current status is a bright blue paint color that I've been wanting to take a brush to since we moved in. I showed him this image and he actually really liked it.

Awesome, right? I feel my son needs a change, now that he's getting older and kind of getting out of the spider man phase (that dude is all over his walls). I may tweak it of course, I just thought what a great room for inspiration.

Ok, I bought these amazing chairs from my best friend, Craigslist. They are the bomb diggity! Great condition, ugly ass color. I seriously hope to get this project done, like this weekend done. I did go back and forth on the fabric, however I did pick one, just have to place that order.

Oh yeah, I love these chairs! I seriously scored big time with these. I know they will look amazing in our front living area. I've been looking for a couch and a chair for the room, I hate the current look of the furniture that lives in there now. I hope to conquer these projects and share them with you all soon enough.

Xoxo Dolls!!

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