Saturday, October 5, 2013


Welcome to my blog. I would like to share my DIY adventures along with my passion for fashion, decorating and shopping. I am no professional interior designer nor do I clam to be. I just love it! It some how feeds me.

It's the small things in life that make this mama happy!!  

Here's my first post on a DIY, I did a few weeks ago. I scored this dining table from Craig's list. This piece is solid. I know the lady selling it could have got a lot more for it. But she was trying to get rid of it fast. Love when that happens!!!

So here's the before and after. I  used a water base paint from Sherwin William's. My hubby is a store manager so thank goodness for the discount.
I used a sprayer on this one. First time using it and it was heavier then a mother!

In this second image I switched mirror's. I'm really happy with the turn out. The fabric of the chairs are from Joanne's. It's an ikat chevron. I really love it!

I have many more to come!

Thanks Dolls!!

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