My fall H&M Picks

Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Around here lately it's feeling a little like fall. This has to be one of my favorite seasons! Of course this gets me ready for the transition with the decor in my home. I was browsing h&m and I found some really cute and affordable decor. Seriously can't go wrong with their home selection. Especially if your on a budget. 

I'm such a pillow hoarder, Its really hard to pass up a stylish and affordable one. I'm loving the black & white striped cushion covers paired with the velvet mustard pillow. I feel this color is really trending right now for fall and everyone should have a little velvet in their life. The gray throw is perfect and I love the color, it looks really comfy to snuggle up in.

The glass vases with a hint of gold are perfect! I seriously love this simple look. I definitely love having candles lit around the fall time. I don't have them lit too much during the summer. It's so damn hot why make it worse with numerous candles lit? I really love the style of them grouped together on a coffee table or under our tv on the dresser. The gold one on the left is really eye catching and the pattern is awesome. Well I'm looking forward to fall and I can't wait to lie under a cozy blanket and have numerous candles lit. 

What do you like about fall?