One Room Challenge / Week One

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Big news today! I'm taking the plunge and participating in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home . After following some amazing designers that work for 6 weeks transforming a room I felt super inspired (and scared). I knew once the opportunity came again I wanted to jump on board. It was a tough decision to choose which room to make over. As I went back and forth, the kitchen nook seemed the most ideal. Everyone sees it, it's a place we all hang out. What better way to get on it and get it done. Right now when I look at it, I want to ninja kick the blinds and some other things as well.

So this is what it looks like today. I'm a little embarrassed for you all to see this. But I know it's going to look amazing once it's all said and done.  Don't judge..

love my table and chairs. I found the table on good old Craigslist, for $5. It's sturdy and I love the details on the legs. We painted it white and it works well in this space. The chairs are from Overstock, a four pack, great deal! This area is begging for a big change. I posted a while back some inspiration for this nook, you can see it here  . I know I'm such a slacker. 

So here's what I'm thinking... 

- Paint 
- Wallpaper 
- New lighting 
- Adding a bench 
- New window treatments 
- Wall Decor 
- Pillows 
- Hardware for the cabinets 
- New rug 
- Funky eye candy

Wish me luck!



  1. hi amber. nice to find you through the one room challenge. your space has a great starting point to begin with and i look forward to following along and seeing your progress! dana

    1. Hi Dana, thank you for the wonderful comment! It's hideous right now but I think it will all come together. Fingers crossed!

  2. I love the plan for this space. The colors are awesome- right up my alley. Can't wait to see how it comes out Amber! XO

    1. Thanks Mary! I look forward to your room as well, always inspiring.. Xx

  3. Ooh, I love the colors and style you are going for. That will make for a cute and relaxing space. Found you via the One Room Challenge link-up. Still deciding if I'm going to participate...likely moving in a month so it seems pointless, but I'm always up for decorating :) Can't wait to see how your room turns out.

    1. Thank you Emily, I hope it all comes together. I hope you can jump in the next time around.

  4. Sooooo loving your board- my absolute favourite palate! Can't wait to see this happen!

    1. Thank you Christine! I look forward to your fabulous reveal as well!