AHS Coven

Monday, December 8, 2014

I recently got into the whole American Horror Story craze. I remember seeing the previews and thinking what the hell is that? Never thought about watching it until one day one of my clients gave me the low down about it. Her and I have always shared interest in movies, shows, etc. Some how we started taking about AHS, I told her it looked crazy and I never thought about actually watching it. Once she told me about the first season of Murder House, I figured the hubs and I would give it a whirl since it was on Netflix. Well, I was hooked! We flew through Murder House & Asylum. Jessica Lange plays a pretty good bad guy in which she is the main character throughout the series. 

Coven was finally released on Netflix Saturday (hubs and I have been waiting anxiously) and we dove right in. I have to say, Emma Roberts is my new favorite actress. She plays a good beotch on Coven. Along with a great story line the home where it takes place is stunning! I can't get over the fabulous set design. I googled the images and found that Domain also did a story on the amazing decor. You can see more and the story here.

Gorgeous right?! Love it all so much. Well if you haven't watched AHS I suggest you catch up on Netflix. Its not for the average person, but if you love Jessica Lange I think you'll enjoy it. 


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