Thursday, April 30, 2015

Today marks week five of the One Room Challenge. I'm so excited for you all to see! It's been a little stressful at times, but I know it was well worth it. You can go back and see the hideous before pictures and the process starting with WEEK ONE // WEEK TWO // WEEK THREE // WEEK FOUR.

I made a couple of changes. The hub's wasn't down with the pink rug on the original mood board so I will have to accommodate the dude. It's not only my space after all. I decided to go with (drum roll) a black and white striped rug. I know, shocker right? I just can't get enough black and white stripes. There is something about that combo that is so chic in my eyes. I also decided to paint the gold mirror black.

Speaking of the hub's, he added the moulding this past weekend and it's definitely  the icing on the cake. I started to style a little here and there and noticed how bad the closet doors were looking next to the freshly painted white walls. I decided a little black paint could solve that problem. Hello chic doors!

I can't share too many pictures this time around. Stay tuned for the big reveal next Thursday. Thank you to all who've been following along and the lovely comments. A huge thank you to Linda, from Calling it Home. Don't forget to catch up with all the lovely and talented linking participant's.
Make sure to also check out the fabulous designer's on Wednesday.




  1. Love it all, especiall the wallpaper. Can't wait to see the reveal.

    1. Thanks, Marty. I look forward to yours as well.