Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today I thought I would share a few photo's of my son, Santiago's room. I don't think I've shared any photos of this room and what it looked like before.  We are currently working on it. The painting was done a while back and I absolutely love this shade of gray! I decide I also would like to get him a different dresser. The one currently in his room he's had since a young age. I'm on the lookout for one right now and hopefully we can find one soon. There's a few more things we still need to do, but I figured I would give you all a sneek peek because it's looking mighty fine!

Here's a couple of before pictures.

My son is a hoarder I tell you! Once we painted I went through tons of stuff and threw it out. Now his room is less cluttered and more grown up. I'm waiting on a few more prints to complete the gallery wall and I'm trying decided on curtains and also a new duvet. The shapes above his bed I made out of black yarn. I saw something similar on West elm and I thought that is totally an easy DIY. I'll be back to share once it's completed.


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