Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I came across this gorgeous nursery some time ago and saved it to one of my Pinterest boards. I often find myself pulling up the image and getting lost in it and also truly inspired. I was never big on pink, and I've never used pops of pink in my home until recently. I find black and white decor timeless. I have lots of it in my home and it really goes well with pops of pink.
When I learned of the designer that designed this amazing space I was so inspired by her work. I love her bold statements and pops of color. Shannon Wollack is one fabulous designer and I so want to be her. I've said before in previous posts that I've been in limbo with my teenage daughter's room. If she was a baby this would totally be the route I would take. I'm using this room and some other gorgeous work for inspiration. The hubs and I will be tearing out the carpet this weekend and I will start preparing the floor so I can get my paint on. I decided I will be using black and white on the floor and the ceiling will get a dose of hot pink. Of course there will be pops of gold accents.

Amazing right!? You can see more of this room on Shannon's website. I can't wait to share what I'm envisioning for Alyssa's room. Wish me luck! 



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