Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday my friends!  Let's talk a little bar cart style, shall we? I love a good bar cart and there is so many options out there.  How could you not want (or need in my case) one in your home!? Today I'm sharing some bar cart style and essentials that will add a distinguished elegance to your home. If you are in the market for a bar cart, this post will assist your inspiration!  I will be sharing some picks from Chairish. If you are not familiar with Chairish, then you definitely need to check out their amazing selection of decor for all decor lovers out there! 

My must have essentials for a bar cart is booze, booze, and more booze. Ha! In all seriousness, you never want to leave out the minute details and sundries when getting the bar cart ready.  After all, these lovely little "mood enhancers" are meant for convenience while hosting a small cocktail event.   Styling it beautifully as a "WOW" piece in your home goes hand in hand with this philosophy of mine. I really think displaying your martini and wine glasses are a must. Flowers, beautiful cocktail napkins, and a bowl of limes can add so much to your cart. If you can find a really cool ice bucket, that is always a wise choice as well. I have one, but I didn't want my cart to look too cluttered.  

If I didn't own a bar cart, or I needed to add another to a different room,  this  would be my selection. Here are some more picks of key essentials to help add subtle flair and convenience, to your exciting new bar cart.


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