Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy November people! I can't believe we are officially into the holiday season. This past weekend the hubs and I styled up the entry of our home. If you follow along on Instagram you've seen me go back and forth on what to do with this ceiling at the entry. Kael and I finally changed out the blinds and I feel like I'm so coming up in the world. I don't know why I waited so long to change out the almond colored blinds from before. In my eyes, white makes everything look crisp and clean! Now I can't wait to change out the rest of the nineteen windows in my home (yes, I seriously have windows galore).

Once the blinds went up I thought the windows could use a little more pizazz. I've been wanting to use this Nate Berkus fabric since it first came out. I made a Pelmet Box for two of the windows at the entry. I followed this tutorial  and it was so easy and super affordable. I bought the sputnik light from Lowe's last year. It was originally silver, but I gave it a dose of gold because gold makes it fancy. I found the mirror at an indoor flea market and gave it spritz of gold as well. It's a bit larger than the other one, making it a better fit.

I'm happy with the final result, the only thing that I can hardly wait to get done is the floor. I've been looking at dark wood floor samples, faux of course. I know once the carpet and tile is replaced it will all come together nicely, but alas that is for another day... 



  1. I love that you can see your incredible style at home just as easily as you can at the ivy tea room. Love your style!

  2. This is beautiful I wish my house could look so good!