Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome to the first Monday of 2016! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and time with your loved ones. I truly had a nice time with my family and my husbands' family. This is the first Christmas we spent with his extended family. Kael is from a small town here in New Mexico. He moved to Albuquerque to attend UNM and has been here ever since. His family members are spread out through New Mexico, making it difficult to spend time with them all.  We ventured into the boonies on Christmas Day to Fort Sumner to spend time with them. My husbands' family are true country folk and I simply adore them all so much! 

Kael was off for two weeks. I decided on his last of week of vacation we would tackle the downstairs bedroom. Our soon to be eighteen year old daughter once occupied this bedroom. She decided that she wanted to move in with my mom and not live with her parents anymore. I remember that feeling as well and let's just say I moved in and out of parents house over a period of time. The carpet in this room was god awful! It was dirty and also had a nice flat iron burn, resulting in no better time than now to rip out the carpet and liven up the floor in the room. 

This bedroom is very tiny. I suppose we could get away with a full or queen size bed, but the twin bed in there now is from World Market and is fairly new. My mother in law visits us the most. My father in law runs a farm and is quite busy. He doesn't make it out most of the time so this single bed works great for my mother in law as well as saving space for other decor items. 

Kael ripped out the carpet, patched up some holes, and sanded. Once that was all done I primed it, painted it white, and then went in with my own design. 

World Market sold this bed in a grey-ish, blue color, but I decided to paint it black.
We still need a new light, new blinds, curtains, art, and a rug. I'm also playing around with the pillows and bedding. I'll share once it all comes together. Be sure to visit on Friday and enter my first ever giveaway on the blog.


Have a great week! 


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