Monday, January 11, 2016

I decided to add another project to the ever growing list of things to do in our home. The other day I was gazing over at the kitchen nook and got to thinking. I really love this area, but it could use a minor face lift. It has come a long way from what it once looked like. If your familiar with the One Room Challenge  from Linda @ Calling it Home, then you know this was my very first linking participant room done in six weeks. The outcome of it all was awesome, but now I want to change it up a bit. 

This is what it looked like after the challenge...

Not too shabby, but I wish I could have done some things differently. For one, the ceiling did not get painted and as of today it still has not. We are waiting to get that all done once we tackle the other side of this kitchen. The cabinets need to be painted, new hardware, new lighting,  new counter tops, and we really need to replace the sink and faucet. The tile (I can hardly friggin wait) needs an upgrade. I'm not sure if I want fabulous black and white tile or faux wood floors that will hopefully get done in the very near future through out the downstairs. 

Today things have changed a bit in this area as the pink painting is not there at the moment. I have an art print from A house in the hills that hangs there now and it's freaking awesome! The light has also changed, I moved the one from the dining room into this area.  I would like to make a change with the bench.  I've been on the hunt for something tufted. I'm not sure if I want a small settee or another bench. I don't want the settee to block too much of the window as I really like the view and the sunlight that comes in from this window. I want to change out the roman shades. They suck and I made them myself. I would preferably want to add some wood blinds and curtains to the bigger window and to the small windows on the side as well.

I'm happy with the decor in this area and don't want to change it out, but I do want to get a new table and also add some other chairs that I currently have, but in new fabric. Now this is what I'm really excited for... I want to replace my cabinet doors with glass cabinets. I wish I had an area for open shelving in my kitchen at the moment to display pretty glasses, dishes, etc., but I don't. So what better than having it in this area? Yes it's going to be a difficult task to get it all organized and looking snazzy, but it will all be worth it. 

Anyway here's a small piece of what I'm thinking. 

Those painted curtains are from my fabulous Instagram friend Hollie Cooper. She paints fabric and I love every thing she creates! She also has a blog called the The Pink Zipper and it's very inspiring. So what do you guy's think? Yes on it all?? Well let's see what I come across for the seating and we can start from there. 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway, winner will be announced on Wednesday. 


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