Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Friday! I don't know about you all, but I'm really over this heat wave we all have been experiencing. I enjoy the summer, but not when it's extremely hot and when the humidity kicks in I'm truly miserable.  I'm honestly looking froward to the fall weather and of course Halloween. Yes, I don't care if it's near the end of July, I'm already day dreaming about my Halloween decor. 
Santiago went back to school yesterday and it really came fast! I feel it's always a quick return to school since he goes back in July, but it really came out of no where this time around. 

This image is one of my favorite pins from my Pinterest board. It's an oldie from Sarah Sherman Samuel, but I absolutely love it and it gives me so much inspiration. Actually everything Sarah does really inspires me and I love following her on Instagram and her blog. I'm really looking forward to finishing up our patio so we can get our entertain on, but really when it's not like a hundred and eighty degrees outside. 

For the past three years Kael has been bugging to get an above the ground pool. I'm not big on pools, they scare the shit out of me with young kids around. Santiago is an excellent swimmer, Jax on the other hand not so much. Since the heat has been awful I gave in and we ended up going with this one. I have to say it was the best hundred bucks we ever spent! It's been a life saver and we've been living in this pool every weekend and sometimes during the week. I ordered some necessities for our new hangout and I will share all about it soon. 

I've been shopping around for new bathing suits and I'm loving this cute top! I also love this color block one - piece.  I'm guessing I need more options now that I have a pool. Ha! 

I've been wanting to add some flamingos to our backyard for the past two years. Kael thinks they're stupid and doesn't know why I would want them. Um I don't care what he's says I'm so getting some the next time (tomorrow) I'm there. 

Stay cool this weekend! 


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