Friday, July 15, 2016

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July holiday! It was a laid back weekend for us. We did bbq and light fireworks, but most important the hubs finished a project for me that I just can not get enough of! I'm waiting on an important piece to finish it off and I will share here soon.  

I came across this image from Rue Magazine the other day and I was so in love with every single detail! The one thing that really stood out for me was the neon art. Neon lights can be found in our favorite coffee houses, bars, and just about any chic business, but they have made there way into our homes as well.  I love a good neon light, however they can be a bit pricey for the larger sizes. What's a better alternative than a large art print!

After studying this room carefully I decided to round up some art pieces that I ABSOLUTELY love and would house any day.

    1 / 2 / 3 /  4

Aren't these fun?! I love them and they're super affordable up to the biggest size. All these prints can be found at Society6. This website is one of my favorite sites for affordable art and there is a lot of art to choose from. I think I need the UGH print.  

I bought the Don't Ask Why print and I was thinking I would hang it in my boys bathroom. I think it would be a good fit in there since I get a lot of questions like  "Why do I have to put lotion on?" and  "Why do I have to brush my teeth?" That bathroom needs a major facelift and once I get all the one hundred million other things done around here I can start on their bathroom. 


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