Friday, August 5, 2016

Is it me or is time going by extremely fast! I know I mentioned before Santiago went back to school he is already going on his second week, crazy right? The heat has been brutal and as much as I would love for summer to end, I feel I'm not ready to say goodbye just yet  (I'm not going to lie it's been a little exciting since I've been getting emails for Halloween).  I mentioned we bought this pool around Fathers Day and we've been living in it ever since! Today I thought I'd share our little oasis. 

Like I said before this was the best hundred bucks we ever spent! Yes it would be nice to have a fancy pool, but seriously this pool is like a big bathtub to relax and cool down in. I decided we needed a few pool necessities and I figured the Swan Drink Holder  was a must.  I'm happy to report Kael likes the swan and instantaneously found his new best friend.  I also got the boys (ok me) this Ice Cream Raft. It's super cute and its the perfect size. Since we've been spending a lot of time outdoors I'm probably the darkest I've been in a long time and too much sun isn't good anyway, so we bought a new outdoor Umbrella.  

I don't think its going to cool down any time soon, although our monsoon season decided to pay us a late visit. It's been nice to have the rain, but I'm not down with all the humidity lately. The heat is sticking around regardless, so I don't see us not enjoying the pool this weekend! 

Happy Friday!    


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