Friday, August 12, 2016

Happy Friday y'all! I'm ready for the weekend and ready to tackle some projects around the house. I'm constantly working on my home and I'm always drawn to fabulous design for inspiration. After reading about The Palladian on Rue Daily, I felt truly inspired and so in love with all the details. First off, this hotel is a perfect setting in Seattle. It's bold, moody, lots of art, sexy, and it's a tufted furniture heaven. Every detail is absolutely stunning and definitely has a museum type of feel to it.


I hope to add The Palladian as one of my places to visit some day. I can't get over how phenomenal this hotel is, even the door is simply chic! There are so many elements that you can take from this and bring into your own home. There is a lot more to see if you head over to Rue Daily. Get ready to be inspired! 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, ours will be filled with painting, ripping out carpet, more painting and a few cocktails! 


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