Friday, September 2, 2016

Happy Friday and cheers to a long weekend! I apologize for the silence the last couple of weeks. The hubs and I (more so the hubby) have been tearing up the carpet and tile throughout the downstairs of our home. I can not tell you how long I've waited for this day! We decided to go with a black laminate floor for the entire downstairs. The front living area and dining space are basically completed. This weekend we plan on tackling the kitchen and the family room. I enlisted my brother to help with some demo, therein lies copious amounts of dated, dreadful tile . We finally realized that if we have one more person helping we will be able to increase production rates two-fold (Duh). 

We also removed the carpet on the stairs and I plan on painting the stairs using Tricorn Black; my favorite shade from Sherwin Williams. This process has been tough, but we decided to just do one room at a time so it wouldn't be a huge shit show. I can't handle our home being utterly disorganized, and we didn't want it to be a danger zone for the boys. I plan on sharing the process of the floors and how freaking amazing it transforms the look of our home at some point next week. 

On a lighter note, we are now in September and I put together a little mood board of fashion and home picks that I'm loving right now. It also speaks a little Fall since we are headed in that direction. 

I recently came across this online store VICI, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!  You can find both the grey and black tops there, along with the design inspired Chloe bag. These are just a few things that I have in my basket, but I pretty much want everything on this site. 

I have to admit I was a little skeptical when the whole 90's trend was starting to come around, but I can't help but love these block pointed heels from Steve Madden. I also love a good pair of Vans,  so when I came across this grey and red combo I needed them to be mine. The heels and Vans are both perfect for the upcoming cooler temps.  

I love pillows and some may call me a pillow hoarder, alas I can't help if the pillows from H&M are so good and super affordable.  The Jacquard-weave  pillow just stood right out and all I could picture was an emerald green velvet pillow paired with it. Hello FALL!

H&M also has a great selection of tea light holdersstoneware, and amazing color-block porcelain plates. Black and gold my favorite combo.  

I'm not a big monogram kind of person, but there's something so alluring about these pillows that I feel I must add them to my home. They're super affordable and there is a Labor Day sale going on right now on these super chic decor pillows. Get some! 


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