Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Friday and welcome to the last weekend before Halloween! I hope everyone is enjoying October and what is remaining of it. We got a bit of a late start on the decorations around the house this year. Last weekend we started decorating a little here and there and I wanted to share it with you all today, starting with the entry.

Bats seems to be a pretty hot trend this year. I've seen a lot of them used in decorating, as they constantly pop up on my Instagram  feed. I think bats are simple and chic, yet they can make a big impact with your decor. I decided to use the rather large spiders on our staircase inside this time around. Normally they're  outside covered in webs frightening little trick or treaters.

I love white pumpkins and I always make the hubs scoop up a ton when he goes to Trader Joe's. I was a little bummed when they began to turn yellow. I like to put them in the bowl that you see at the entry. I painted them a lavender color since yellow isn't really my jam.

My sweet mother in law bought Jax the skeleton dog. I oddly love it and I'm thinking it may stick around all year long. Everything else but the pumpkins and bats I've had and continue to put out for the holiday season.

We plan to make the normal stops on Halloween. We make sure my parents and grandparents are able to see the kids all dressed up. Kael and I usually dress up when we take the kids out. I'm not sure what we will go as, but you can catch up on my Instagram .

Happy Halloween!!


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