Friday, November 18, 2016

I've pondered about the guest room and the current styling situation. After being featured on Glitter Guide and looking at the photos, I felt the room could use a refresh. I absolutely LOVE the painted floor so a change there is unnecessary.  However the bed, lamp, and chair on the other side of the room I could do without. I was really envisioning a stylish settee, and also a bed for our out of town guests. I began searching and came across this upholstered daybed which also has a trundle. I've said in a previous post that this room is rather small. I like the style of the upholstered bed, and I love the fact there is an extra bed!  

I also decided to move the desk from our bedroom down stairs and make it an office / guest bedroom.  I wanted to change up our master bedroom, so I ultimately decided that I would move the desk out and add some small seating in front of our window. Additionally, I'm trying to decide if I want to add wall covering to the wall behind our bed, and/or or add some big art on each side? The wheels my head never stop turning. 

Below are some details of what I'm envisioning.

Looking good right?! I'm going to try to tackle this all after Christmas. I decided to let the Hubs rest since he is going to have to do the trim work.  I know when it's all said and done he will love it! Fingers crossed!


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