Friday, February 10, 2017

I love looking for books when I'm out shopping. Whether I'm at Homegoods, Marshall's, visiting a flea market, or my favorite antique store the search is always on for books that will accentuate and distinguish my coffee table. To my surprise, I've come across some really cool books that I honestly never heard of at some the antique stores around town. I've convinced the Hubs we need to find a better solution to storing and displaying our books. I have a few ideas, and will share here on the blog when we get the ball rolling. But for now I'm going to share my coffee table styling and also how I display books around our home. 


I love the fact that the books in my home are not only my favorite thing to display, but also inspirational pieces for when I feel kind of stuck on a design. The books around here are on rotation  throughout the house. I like to keep the larger books on the coffee table.  They coordinate well with candles, flowers, my Kelly Wearslter marble box, and whatever I'm liking that week. 

Books can definitely be expensive, however you can find inexpensive ones at Homegoods, Marshall's, and indoor flea markets if you really dig. If I have to resort to buying online, my go to store is Amazon. In my opinion, they have the best price, and large inventory so I usually find what I'm looking for with ease.

So if you're in the market for some great looking books that are also very inspirational, no matter how many times you peruse through them, I'm sharing some of my favorites in interior design and fashion below.

From top to right:
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