Friday, March 31, 2017

Easter is quickly approaching and I love nothing more than putting together baskets for my boys! I know my oldest doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny, but he knows there will be a basket of goodies waiting by his bed when he wakes up on Easter morning. I enjoy mixing up the items for the boys, one thing for certain I always include books for each of them. Santiago loves to read! Jax enjoys stories, but he likes to look at the pictures and study each detail.

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Target and H&M are at the top of my list to shop for the boys as far as clothes go. I adore the Cat & Jack line at Target! I also can't resist the Pillowfort line for decor as well! When I saw this super dog I knew I had to include it in Jax' basket. I also decided to add some summer attire, since it's almost that time of year again. My boys love to wear hats, so I picked up a couple for each of them. It's funny, Jax is more of the fedora type and Santiago is a baseball cap kind of guy. 

I also like to include some chalk or stickers to get their creativity going. Now a days these kids can be so consumed with technology it makes it harder to get them outside or just do anything that doesn't involve the video games. 

When my daughter was younger I would make baskets for her, the good old wooden baskets. Over time they would pile up and I would feel guilty throwing them away. I started using the type of baskets that could be used for other things around the home, rather than just throwing them away.  I really love this basket! Once Easter is over you can use this basket for just about anything. It's also pretty to look at so its a win-win situation! 


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