May Recap

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy June 1st! It's hard to believe the hot summer days are upon us. Kael is impatiently waiting to hang by the pool. I shared our little oasis  from last summer and we are ready to do it all over again with our boys.

May was a busy month for us. We celebrated Mother's Day, we painted our master bedroom, I started working on the boys bathroom and we went to Colorado for Kael's cousins wedding. It was beautiful and every single detail was on point! We had such a good time celebrating and visiting with Kael's family is always a treat! We don't get to see Kael's family that often, everyone is kind of spread out through New Mexico.

Lately it has also been a busy binge watching marathon for Kael and I. The Keepers was sad, but an excellent documentary. We started House Of Cards on Tuesday and we are almost done. We also started Bloodline, and Orange Is The New Black will be out next week! I'm also quite obsessed with Nate & Jeremiah's new show on TLC. We also tried to watch Girl Boss on Netflix. I read the book and was excited to watch the show, but to be quite honest I couldn't get past the first episode. I was disappointed. So many shows, so little time.

Peonies season has arrived! The hubs is so good about picking up my favorite flower. I've been really sick ever since we got back from our trip and I totally forgot about this fine specimen until Kael came home and surprised me! I have to admit it made me feel a little better. My Mother's Day gift arrived a little late and the day before we left for our trip. I can not tell you how happy I was to be home first off, and to see this beautiful chair waiting for me.

Jax and I will be celebrating our birthdays this month (more so Jax). He is set on a "Darth Vader" birthday party. Now that he has a theme set, I've been going through all the details for his day.  I'm sure black and gold will work well in the mix.


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