Jax' Room

Friday, August 3, 2018

The day is finally here for sharing Jax' ever evolving room! I've had a lot of fun putting this room together for our sweet boy. It's definitely taken me some time to figure out a design that Jax could grow into so I  won't have to change out too many things as time goes on. 

I bought Jax this bed several years ago online from Walmart.  I also moved the book shelf in here from the living room. I splattered the ceiling with black paint. It was super messy, but totally worth it! 

I picked up the velvet duvet from Opal House for Target. I really love the color! Jax and Kael love football and their favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles, so this fits right in. 

Jax loves Darth Vader and Marvel's Thanos, hence he seems to root for the bad guys and I'm not really sure why?

The bass guitar belonged to my stepfather who passed away a couple of years ago. My boys were really close to him. Jerald gave my oldest son a guitar a while back, and after he passed Jax inherited this bass. I love that both my boys have these instruments to remind them of him and his love for music. 

 We are a family that uses skateboards as art displayed around our home, and also out on the streets. I adore that Jax is learning how to ride it, and he's a natural just like his older brother. 

The black pouf I found at Target a while back. I bought it on clearance not really knowing where I was going to put it. It comes in handy by the bookshelf so Jax can sit and totally destroy the area. 

Now that Jax' room is complete I've moved on to my oldest son's room. I didn't have any before photos of this room, but I did manage to get some of Santiago's room. This transformation is going to be good! Also, if you follow me on Instagram I shared the before of the desk I painted. It will be going to Santiago's room. Stay tuned! 


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