About Me

Welcome to The Beautiful Savages blog! I'm Amber and I have a MAJOR love for interior design. I enjoy it so much it recently turned into a career. I'm also a hairstylist, artist, mother and a wife. I adore fashion, drinking coffee (best part of waking up), a glass of champagne, shopping, and working on our ever evolving home.  

 This is my husband Kael. I told Kael that I had five kids when we first met. He tried to play it off like it was cool, but I then revealed I only had two. I think he was relieved.  We got married and decided to add one more to our family. 

Santiago is my first born baby boy.  This kid is a genius. I like to say I gave him all my intelligence, I seem to struggle with spelling, math, and other things in life. Jax is my youngest and is full of energy. He's a pretty big kid and has been since birth, weighing  nine pounds!

Alyssa is my oldest child and one beautiful one! As you can see she likes to take pictures of herself. I had Alyssa at the age of seventeen. I look pretty young for my age, people tend to think we are sisters. I'm not sure if thats good or bad.